Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Reboot...1989 No.18 and 1990 No.26...

1989 and Look-in had truly descended into kiddie land, with not a single action strip to be seen now, comedy and cartoons were the order of the day, surprising, as they were trying to appeal to the teenage pop market too.
No.18 is mine and complete.
By the time we get to 1990 the strips were sparse, just three in this whole issue, Look-in was fast becoming just a teen magazine with more focus on the music and entertainment side of things.  As colour printing had obviously become cheaper the whole magazine was in colour too.
No.26 is mine and complete too.

29th April 1989 - No.18

Cover: Yazz.

Strips: Strip Mix - Bugs Bunny and Friends, Scally, The Trap Door and Garfield (Jim Davis), Duckula (Arthur Ranson), Dogtanian, Super Gran (Harry North), The 5 Star Life (Gray) and Galaxy High School.

30th June 1990 - No.26

Cover: Sonia and Big Fun.

Strips: Galaxy High School, Garfield (Jim Davis) and Scooby Doo.

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