Wednesday, 13 February 2013


No it's not a spelling mistake, it's the name of the program used to make the issues on the aforementioned Look-in Archive, It's pretty easy to use, so I made 1971 - No.9 using the site, and it's below for you to read, let me know what you think do you think I should continue with Issuu?, or do you prefer the zips?...

1971 - No.9

Look-in Archive - No, not that one...

Just surfing a bit as I do sometimes for new Look-in bits and pieces, and came across this, It'a a site called 'Radio Sounds Familar', which is like a retro site looking back at stuff we used to watch and read, there are bits and pieces concerning Look-in, including a Look-in archive, which has 19 full issues to read and if you click on the Sapphire and Steel cover, instead of that issue, you get the full run of the S&S strip.  I really like the way the issues are done too, would love to find out what the guy who made the site used.  Anyway enjoy...

Radio Sounds Familiar Site

Look-in Archive

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Coming Soon 4...

Time for another Look-in taster, this one was for 'The Bionic Woman'.
and appeared in the 7th August 1976 issue.
Get a bigger pic by clicking the image below as usual....


Saturday, 2 February 2013

February Update...

Here a little late as I've been full of Flu, is the Feb update, sorry about that and hope you enjoy it.  By the way MediaFile is acting up for me lately, so i'm trying RapidShare, let me know if you have any trouble getting the files, which are this month both courtesy of cheekydog1 so thanks again to him.
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18th September 1971 - No.37
This Issue contained the brilliant 'Superstars Television Album' book and first
set of cards to put in it.
Cover: The Flaxton Boys
Strips: Crowther in Trouble, Sabotage!, Please Sir!
Follyfoot, The Flaxton Boys, Timeslip and On the Buses.


9th October 1976 - No.42
This issue contained the very rubbish 'Bionic Eye' free gift.
Cover: Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner by Arnaldo Putzu
Strips: The Benny Hill page, The Six Million Dollar Man, Slik Stories, Space: 1999, The Bionic Woman and Doctor on the Go.