Thursday, 24 November 2016

1971 No.20 in full...

On we go, here is the next one, No.20 from 1971 in full...

22nd May 1971 - No.20 (Full Issue)

Cover: Unknown.

Strips: Crowther in Trouble (Tom Kerr), Prize Idiots! introduced by Reg Varney (Unknown)Please Sir! (Unknown), Timeslip (Mike Noble), Freewheelers (Unknown) and Bright's Boffin's (Unknown).

Monday, 21 November 2016

The travellers return...

I had a comment from Paul Leigh:

'Bit disappointed with Timeslip in look-in unlike the TV show where they went through the time-barrier and come back to the present, they seemed to go from one time-zone straight into another. How did it end the very last comic strip? did they get back home?'

Well Paul, I was a bit nonplussed with the strip even though I enjoyed it too, part of the appeal of the programme was how some adventures had them coming back to their own time and finding out how it had changed, also I think the strip could have explored the telepathic link between Liz and her mother more.  To answer your question though....Yes they made it back...(See Below, click picture for a bigger version).

Thursday, 17 November 2016

1971 No.19 in full...

Here is your next issue, No.19 from 1971 in full...

15th May 1971 - No.19 (Full Issue)

Cover: Gito Santana.

Strips: Crowther in Trouble (Tom Kerr), Please Sir! (Unknown), Timeslip (Mike Noble), Freewheelers (Unknown), Redgauntlet (Unknown) and Bright's Boffin's (Unknown).

Thursday, 10 November 2016

1971 No.18 in full....

The next one in line is No.18 from 1971...

8th May 1971 - No.18 (Full Issue)

Cover: Peter Birrell, Freddie Garrity, Robert McBain and Phillip Ray.

Strips: Crowther in Trouble (Tom Kerr)Redgauntlet (Unknown), Please Sir! (Unknown), Timeslip (Mike Noble) and Freewheelers (Unknown) and Bright's Boffin's (Unknown).

Thursday, 3 November 2016

1971 No.17 in full and 1973 No.38...

Another two...No.17 from 1971 in full and also No.38 from 1973, thanks to Dan, Both for the 1973 issue and a replacement page in the 71 issue, for one that was damaged...

1st May 1971 - No.17 (Full Issue)

Cover: Richard Davies, Deryck Guyler, Peter Denyer, John Alderton, Joan Sanderson, Noel Howlett, Erik Chitty, Peter Cleall, Penny Spencer, Liz Gebhardt, David Barry and Malcolm McFee.

Strips: Bright's Boffin's (Unknown)Redgauntlet (Unknown), Please Sir! (Unknown), Timeslip (Mike Noble) and Freewheelers (Unknown).

15th September 1973 - No.38
Cover: Ernest Clark, Geoffrey Davies, Robin Nedwell, George Layton and Richard O'Sullivan by Arthur Ranson.

Strips: On the Buses (Harry North), Settle Down Now! with Ken Goodwin (Arthur Ranson), The Fenn Street Gang (Unknown), The Tomorrow People (John M. Burns), The Adventures of David Cassidy (Alan Parry)Les Dawson is Superflop (Arthur Ranson)Follyfoot (Mike Noble) and Doctor in Charge! (Tom Kerr).