Wednesday, 26 September 2012

1982 Uploaded

A marathon year to upload, but all present and up to date for 1982.
Download avaiable issues here - 1982

and here is the checklist for 1982:


It's occured to me to let you know, if an issue is in my collection waiting
to be scanned, and you have the issue, you could still send these, and
save me a scanning job!!. 1983 is another marathon so be patient!  I'll
see you before that with a proper 
update on the 1st October.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

New Issues 1/9/2012

Is it September already....
Here some new issues for you to enjoy, starting with

11th November 1972 - No.46

Cover: Pathfinders by Arnaldo Putzu (?)
Strips: On The Buses, Crowther in Trouble, Doctor in Charge,
The Fenn Street Gang, Please Sir!, Mark Strong, Catweazle, Les Dawson is Superflop!,
Follyfoot and Timeslip.

28th February 1981 - No.10
Cover: Tiger by Arnaldo Putzu (?)
Strips: Elvis - the Story, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Worzel Gummidge,
Meet the Smurfs!, Charlie's Angels, Sapphire and Steel and Mork & Mindy.
Back soon.