Thursday, 18 April 2013

Always on the 'Look-out'...

As you know, I trawl the internet looking for snippets from our favourite mag, and I am lucky to find full issues every now and again.  I was browsing on:
a general entertainment blog and found this page about Look-in:
on this page is a link to a photobucket page containing all the pages from a Look-in dated 26th September 1981 - No.40.
Unfortunately the site hasn't been updated in a while, and commments are disabled, so I have no way of asking permission to insert the issue into my collection, so I have taken a small liberty and made a cover/strips only copy of the issue, click the picture below to get that and if you want to read the full issue, use the links above.  By the way if ecofugal (the owner) would like anything removed, if he could let me know.


26th September 1981 - No.40
Cover: Worzel Gummidge
Strips: Story of the Beatles, CHiPs,
Worzel Gummidge, It's Madness
and Buck Rogers.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The mid-month update...

Welcome back to the mid-month update, but something a bit different.  Not long before the main site went defunct, I introduced a feature called 'The Whole Story', in which visitors could read full uninterupted stories, rather than have to go from issue to issue to find strips they liked, well, here it is again.  I'm starting with three stories that are already on the site, but you can now read them in .zip form using CDisplay, but don't worry I will upload newer ones you haven't seen in coming months.  Click the pictures to download, hope you enjoy them.


Story 1 - The Ants


Courtesy of (aka the 'catacombs'
permission given).  The site is quite unstable at the
moment and can't always be accessed, if you can get
there you can read all of the Space:1999 strips right now.
Sapphire and Steel
Story 1 - The Evil Painting


Got this via 'Scanarama', a Yahoo! group I am in
which spacialises in scanning old comics for posterity.
I think Zeg did this so thanks to him.
Dick Turpin
Story 1 - The Deserter


My own scans.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Arnaldo Putzu 1927 - 2012...

Just been to Arthur Ranson's site, which I haven't visited for a bit, and noticed a post about Arnaldo Putzu who died on September 1st last year.  I'm surprised that I never noticed anything mentioned in the news about a man who was so iconic in the cinema world.  Who can forget his 'Carry On' and British film posters, and of course the covers of one much loved magazine, RIP Arnaldo.

Coming Soon 6...

On October 20th 1979, well before the series aired in the UK, Look-in introduced a Battlestar Galactica strip on the strength of the sucess of the movie.  Here is how it was bigged up in the issue before...

As usual you can download a bigger image by clicking the picture.


Monday, 1 April 2013

New Update for April...

Hi All,

It's ok, there is a safe haven from all the jokes and wind up's, it's right here...
2 new issues for you all to read, from 1972 and 1975*.

Enjoy them...


1972 - 2nd December - No.49
Cover: Michael Jackson by Arnaldo Putzu
Strips: On the Buses, Crowther in Trouble, Doctor in Charge,
The Fenn Street Gang, Please Sir!, Mark Strong, Timeslip,
Les Dawson is Superflop!, Follyfoot and Pathfinders.

1975*- 27th December - No.1
(*Issue dated 1975 but is technically the first issue of 1976)
Cover: Bay City Rollers by Arnaldo Putzu
Strips: The Benny Hill Page, Space: 1999, Man About the House,
The Tomorrow People, The Six Million Dollar Man
and Doctor on the Go.