Sunday, 17 January 2021

A 70's threesome for you this week, starting with one from Dan, 1974 No.46, and to go with that there's 1975 No.45, that one is from Ken and finally as we are nearing completion of 1974, I thought I'd slot in the 1974 annual (1975 but released Xmas 1974), be patient as usual, it's big, enjoy...

23rd november 1974 - No.46 (full issue)

Cover: Mick Robertson by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: Michael Bentine's Potty Time (Arthur Ranson)The Adventures of Black Beauty (Unknown), The Tomorrow People (John M. Burns), Doctor at Sea (Alan Parry), Kung Fu (Martin Asbury) and Bless this House (Alan Parry).

1st november 1975 - No.45 (full issue)

Cover: Alvin Stardust by Arnaldo Putzu

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Andrew Christine)Space: 1999  (John M. Burns), Man about the House  (Alan Parry), The Tomorrow People (Mike Noble), The Six Million Dollar Man (Martin Asbury) and Doctor on the Go (Harry North).

1974 Annual (full issue)

Cover: Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, Sid James, Davis Essex and Robin Nedwell by Arnaldo Putzu

Strips: Michael Bentine's Potty Time (Arthur Ranson)Kung Fu  (John M. Burns), Doctor at Sea  (John Cooper), Bless this House (Alan Parry), The Adventures of Black Beauty (Leslie Branton), The Tomorrow People (Unknown) and Doctor at Sea  (John Cooper).

Friday, 15 January 2021

The Whole Story - Kung Fu stories 5, 6 and 7...

Three stories for you in this month's Kung Fu series, and a strange tale.  Story five is complete.  At the end of 1974 there was a strike, printers I think, and it resulted in 3 issues not being printed, These were 1974 No.51 and also 1975 No's 1 & 2.  As a result of this, story 6 did not conclude and story 7 seems to lack a proper beginning.  Look-in decided for whatever reason that these parts should be binned rather than printed, nontheless the stories are here, the only way the missing parts may be available is in original art, if anyone comes across pictures they think may fit, let me know, but for now enjoy what is here...

Story 5 - The Race

Story: Angus P. Allan

Art: Martin Asbury

Story 6 - Young Eagle (no ending)

Story: Angus P. Allan

Art: Martin Asbury

Story 7 - Accused (no beginning)

Story: Angus P. Allan

Art: Martin Asbury

Sunday, 10 January 2021

1978 No.39 and 1984 No.27 (full issues)...

Here are todays two, starting with 1978 No.39, and also to go with that, there is No.27 from 1984 with thanks to Dan for a missing page of this one, enjoy...

23rd september 1978 - No.39 (full issue)

Cover: Darts by Ivan Rose.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe)The Six Million Dollar Man (Martin Asbury), Enid Blyton's Famous Five (Mike Noble), Meet the Smurfs (Peyo), Logan's Run (Arthur Ranson), The Bionic Woman (John Bolton), and Doctor on the Go (Bill Titcombe).

30th june 1984 - No.26 (full Issue)

Cover: Spandau Ballet.

Strips: Rock on Tommy! with Cannon and Ball (Bill Titcombe), Robin of Sherwood (Mike Noble), The Fall Guy (Jim Baikie), Knight Rider (Barrie Mitchell), Danger Mouse (Arthur Ransonand Bucks Fizz (Kim Raymond).

Happy Birthday Look-in...

This should have went up yesterday, but I got sidetracked with stuff in the house and embarrassingly, I forgot..!!

9th January 1971

That is the day Look-in was born, a whole 50 years ago now, Alan Fennel after a nearly a decade in comics and editor of the TV Times decided that TV Times should have a counterpart for youngsters, a 'Junior TV Times’.  From this idea Look-in was born and over 2 and a half decades it would become a mainstay for kids up and down the country, giving the very latest TV strips and news, and then later becoming a vibrant music paper too.  Look-in was always on the pulse of what was popular and often made things even more popular, we loved Yo-Yo’s, T-Shirts, Skateboards, BMX’s, Star Wars and a whole lot more because they were featured in Look-in.  I could say we had the very best artists, but some of them had been doing stuff before Look-in, and you can see their work in comics like TV21, Joe 90, Lady Penelope and Countdown, Alan gathered them all to add their brilliance to Look-in.  So here is my tribute to the best magazine ever, in my humble opinion,


Sunday, 3 January 2021

1975 No.7 and 1977 No.35 (full isses)...

A double for you this week, starting with, from Ken, No.7 from 1975, thanks to Dan for 8 pages that were missing from it, and also one from me, the recently pourchased No.35 from 1977, thanks again to Dan for the Showaddywaddy feature/poster...have fun...

8th february 1975 - No.7 (full issue)

Cover: Roger Moore by Arnaldo Putzu

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Andrew Christine)The Adventures of Black Beauty  (Leslie Branton), The Tomorrow People  (John M. Burns), Doctor at Sea (John Cooper), Kung Fu (Martin Asbury) and Bless this House (Alan Parry).

27th august 1977 - No.35 (full issue)

Cover: Showaddywaddy by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe)The Six Million Dollar Man (Martin Asbury), Just William (Arthur Ranson), The Tomorrow People (Mike Noble), The Bionic Woman (John M. Burns), and Doctor on the Go (Bill Titcombe).

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year!...

Well, we reach the end of 2020, and sadly not everybody came through unscathed.  I hope wherever you are the damage was minimal, and wish you continuing health for the new year.

I'd like, as usual to thank you all, wether you've visited, contributed, joined the Facebook group or done anything to keep this magazines legacy alive, and we will continue on until we have the complete collection, so keep visiting and keep the faith.

Special thank yous, as always to Dan, who has been as brilliant as ever this year, and also Ken, who has been great too, look forward to more from them,

Also if you didn't know, Look-in will be 50 in 9 days, watch this space...

All the best..!!.....


Sunday, 27 December 2020

1983 No.50 (full issue)...

Just one this week, sent at the eleventh hour, thanks to Ken for 1983 No.50...enjoy...

10th December 1984 - No.50 (full Issue)

Cover: Cliff Richard.

Strips: Rock on Tommy! with Cannon and Ball (Bill Titcombe), Terrahawks (Jim Baikie), When they were Young - Paul McCartney (Mike Noble), Knight Rider (Barrie Mitchell), Danger Mouse (Arthur Ransonand Bucks Fizz (Gordon and Maureen Gray).