Monday, 24 December 2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012

December Update...

Here is  the new update for usual click covers to download.  Note that the first issue - No.43 from 1972 is in a new huge form, I've had feedback from some people in the Yahoo 'Scanarama' group saying my scans were too small, so I have left the scans in their original scan size (nearly 2500 pixels in width!), CDisplay resizes them automatically for reading, and you can really see the difference.  there is of course a longer download time so be patient.  The second issue I had in my backlog so is a smaller size.

Enjoy them both...


1972 - No.43
Cover: Steve McQueen by Arnaldo Putzu
Strips: On the Buses, Crowther in Trouble,
Doctor in Charge, The Fenn Street Gang,
Please Sir!, Mark Strong, Catweazle,
Follyfoot, Les Dawson is Superflop! and Timeslip.

1981 - No.13
Cover: Abba by Arnaldo Putzu
Strips: Elvis - The Story, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,
Worzel Gummidge, Charlie's Angels, Sapphire and Steel
and Meet the Smurfs.