Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Introducing the 'On the Ball Scrapbook'...

I delayed posting this yesterday for obvious reasons.  I think everybody must have been pretty shell-shocked, but onward...

When general sports feature World of Sport, wasn't quite hitting the mark, Look-in realised that it was football that sports fans were really looking for.  They started the feature Young Footballer's Club, which hit a reasonable level of success, but it wasn't until they paired the football theme with the amazing artwork of Sheridon Davies in 1974, that Look-in had a feature that would go down in the annals of comic history.

Mastheaded by the mighty Brian Moore, who for anyone's money was the greatest football expert of the time, if not ever, On the Ball studied individual footballers, teams, managers and gave advice and tips to aspiring young players, it was a must read for anyone even remotely into football, and even came with it's own pin-up every week.

Here we start week by week building up a collection of artwork and photos unrivalled in all but a couple of magazines of the time....I give you the On the Ball Scrapbook.....

On the Ball Scrapbook - Pt.1

Franz Beckenbaur
Dino Zoff
Kasimierz Deynar
Paulo Cesar
Sandro Mazzola

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