Sunday, 23 July 2017

1972 No.2 and 1980 No.2 (full issues)....

Here are this weeks two issues, from 1972 it's No.2 and the same issue from 8 years later in 1980, the 1980 issue also has a scan of the free gift given away that week - The Bubble Yum bubble measurer,  which would have been great fun but for the fact that they printed it on very thin card (almost paper actually) and so it was very tricky to hold in place.  You can still get Bubble Yum on eBay here if you are inclined to use it, if not it's still a nice blast from the past to own for posterity, thanks to Dan for the issue and the gift....

8th January 1972 - No.2 (Full Issue)

Cover:  Apollo 11 by Michael Noble.

Strips: Crowther in Trouble (Tom Kerr), On the Buses (Harry North), Freewheelers (Unknown), Please Sir! (Graham Allen), Catweazle (Gerry Embleton)Follyfoot (Unknown), The Fenn Street Gang and Timeslip (Unknown).

5th January 1980 - No.2 (Full Issue)

Cover: Jon Pertwee by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe), Sapphire and Steel (Arthur Ranson)Enid Blyton's Famous Five (Mike Noble), Meet the Smurfs! (Peyo), Charlie's Angels (Jim Baikie), Battlestar Galactica (Martin Asbury) and Mind Your Language (Bill Titcombe).

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