Sunday, 9 July 2017

1971 No.51 and 1980 No.16 - full issues...

And there you have all the issues from 1971, we are still missing the annual and I'm not sure if there was a Summer Extra, if anyone knows or indeed has these, scans would be very gratefully received.  No.51 was the last issue and here it is in full.  Also with that, No.16 from 1980...on to 1972....

By the way the strips from the annual are available in Mediafire, this is from a scan I acquired a while ago, which I have now lost, but it wasn't a particularly good scan and had pages missing.  Please Sir! is not complete.  You can get it and all the 71 issues HERE.

25th December 1971 - No.51 (Full Issue)

Cover:  Ayshea Brough, Ed Stewart, Peter Denyer, Leslie Crowther, Peter Cleall and Deryck Guyler by Arnaldo Putzu

Strips: Crowther in Trouble (Tom Kerr), The Flaxton Boys (F. Dior), Please Sir! (Graham Allen), Follyfoot (Unknown), The Fenn Street Gang (Unknown), Crazy Car! introduced by William Mervyn (Unknown), Timeslip (Unknown) and On the Buses (Harry North).

12th April 1980 - No.16 (Full Issue)

Cover: Pretenders by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe), Sapphire and Steel (Arthur Ranson)Enid Blyton's Famous Five (Mike Noble), Meet the Smurfs! (Peyo), Charlie's Angels (Jim Baikie), Battlestar Galactica (Martin Asbury) and Mork & Mindy (Bill Titcombe).


  1. There was an annual that is classed as 1972 so I assume that it came out at the end of 1971. This site has them listed with the covers.

    1. Also forgot to say thank you for the Full editions. I had put some of the 1971 issues onto the Magazone site and was wondering if it would be OK to link the issues into yours now as you add them (when I get the time to do it). Not seen the 1980's ones before so that was great.

  2. Hi Michael, I am aware of the annual date issue, Annuals are always dated the next year to the Xmas they are released but I thought I would put them in the same year of release. To clarify the Annual I want for 71 is the one with Roger Moore on the cover.

    ...and yes it's no problem at all for you to take anything you want from the site, the idea is to keep it all in the public domain, I'm not that precious about my scans, the more people that can enjoy them the better.