Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Competition - pt.2....BEEB...

You may remember a while ago I uploaded TV Tops, one of Look-in's competitors in the comic market.  Well here is another of them, this one was called BEEB and was the BBC's answer to Look-in.  In it's arsenal was The Tripods, a sci-fi classic of it's day and drawn by John M. Burns no less,  Grange Hill, Automan, and One by One.  Published by Polystyle, The title lasted 20 issues.

This scan comes courtesy of Scanarama scanner Vic.  If you join Scanarama on Yahoo! Groups you can read more BEEB.

BEEB - 29th January 1985 - No.1

Strips: One By One (Unknown), The Tripods (John M. Burns), Automan (Jim Baikie?),
The Family Ness (Unknown), Bananaman (Unknown) and Grange Hill (Barrie Mitchell?).

Also here is that issue of TV Tops, which I think may be lost in Rapidshare now.

TV Tops - 10th October 1981 - No.1

Strips: Stand and Deliver! - The Adam Ant Story,Little and Large,
The Professionals, The Witch of Westwood High (Photo Story),
The Horse That Came from the Sea (Original Strip), Spit's Bit,
Kid's Army (Original Story). All artists unknown.

Courtesy of Mag@Zone(There are two more issues of TV Tops at this site, and two more BEEB's)

(DC Thompson Publishers)

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