Saturday, 3 October 2015

Starcruiser Pt.1...

It's been brought to my attention by Duncan, that there is a strip missing from our collection, that being Starcruiser, which was an addition to 'The Worlds of Gerry Anderson' feature but also continued for a bit after the feature finished.  The strips idea was intended for a TV series that was rebuked, so Gerry sold the idea to Look-in for a strip.  The strip was more of a science feature as David Starr and Venus Brown patrolled the solar system, they picked up interesting facts about it and these were shown in the strip which ran between 77 and 78. I intend to upload the Starcruiser strip, or as much as I have of it and here today are the first 10 strips.  Some of the strips are from the 'Space:1999 file' and are of varying quality...

Starcruiser - Strips 1-10.

Story: Angus P Allan
Art: David Jefferis


  1. No problem. No one noticed my mistake either!...It wasn't Brian Lewis who drew Starcruiser, I got mixed up with a letter someone sent me about Mark Strong, which was drawn by Brian Lewis. I have now put the correct artist - David Jefferis.