Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Whole Story - Timeslip Pt.1...

Here it is then, one of the best strips ever in Look-in, from a story point of view really interesting and from an artwork point of view exemplary, certainly by Mike Noble, but it was good artwork throughout I thought.  It is the strip that drew me to Look-in, I loved the series, very thought provoking and and a benchmark in children's programming.  Now you can enjoy the whole thing from start to finish starting today.

A couple of things to note.  Each story ended up obviously with Simon and Liz entering the Time Barrier again and there is nearly always a cliff hanger in the new time zone, so although the story has ended - it hasn't...if you see what I mean.  Also, the first strip in story one has been cleaned, very well as it happens, by a friend of Dan (who sent me some recent 1973 issues), he hopes to clean the rest so if I get them you can have those.

Into the Time Barrier!...

Timeslip - Story 1 - Robot World

Story: Angus P. Allan
Artwork: Mike Noble

Timeslip - Story 2 - Egypt

Story: Angus P. Allan
Artwork: Mike Noble

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