Sunday, 19 July 2015

Look-in One Pagers pt.1...

Posters were always a mainstay in Look-in from it's very early days when, on 20th March 1971 Roger Moore appeared as the first one. Early posters had the added attraction of being 'signed' with a facsimile autograph.  As Look-in continued, the pop content in particular became very important and on 23rd September 1972, Marc Bolan became the first double page centre spread to appear.  Posters continued throughout the 70's including football stars in 'On the Ball' and sports stars in 'Sports Arena'.  Then on 29th March 1980 came a new look to the posters, starting as 'Police File', which included separate posters of all the members of The Police, week by week, along with statistical information (DOB, favourite colour etc.), and also the autographs returned  This was followed by Blondie, then on 7th June 1980 Cliff Richard became the first poster to adopt the title Collect-a-Page. over the next decade, under this banner just about anybody who was anyone was featured in this section.  Look-in's highest ever sales, recorded in the early 80's, were attributed to the pop content, and Collect-a-Page was a huge part of this in the 'Smash Hits' era.

I started a section in the site called Look-in one pagers in which I wanted to catalogue everyone who appeared as a one page poster in Look-in.  I'm going to start again, but this time they are going to be 1500 pixel scans, so you can collect them in your own file, and they'll be big enough that, if you're so inclined, you can print the odd one or two favourites, and put them on your wall and relive the 70's/80's all over again!

Posters are in two categories Classic and Collect-a-Page, I'll upload a few from each every Monday.

Here are the first batch....


The Persuaders
Roger Moore
Tony Curtis

Cheryl Burfield
Spencer Banks


Police File
The Police

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