Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reboot...1982 No.30...

Her they are! it's Haircut 100 in their very own strip.  This was a strange one, Arthur Ranson's almost photo realistic artwork, mixed with humour just didn't gel with me.  This first strip had the band who, with the greatest respect were a bit odd looking, looking like they had just stepped out of a Disney cartoon and in walks a girl who looks as if she found her way to the page via a Sapphire and Steel strip, strange indeed...this is mine, and unfortunately Worzel has took the knock again, Pg1 damaged, some good competitions lately obviously...

24th July 1982 - No.30

Cover: Nick Heyward.

Strips: Rock on Tommy! with Cannon and Ball, The Fall Guy
Worzel Gummidge, CHiPs, Danger Mouse and Haircut 100.

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