Sunday, 1 December 2019

1975 No.43 and 1982 No.35 (full issues)...

Enjoy another two blasts from the pasts starting with 1975 No.43 and to go with that No.45 from 1982...

18th October 1975 - No.43 (Full Issue)

Cover: Pilot by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Andrew Christine), Space: 1999 (John M. Burns)Man About the House (Alan Parry), The Tomorrow People  (John M. Burns) The Six Million Dollar Man (Martin Asburyand Doctor on the Go (Harry North).

28 August 1982 - No.35 (Full Issue)

Cover: Shakin' Stevens.

Strips: Rock on Tommy! with Cannon and Ball (Bill Titcombe), The Fall Guy (Jim Baikie), Worzel Gummidge (Barrie Mitchell), CHiPs (Jim Baikie), Danger Mouse (Arthur Ransonand Haircut 100 (Arthur Ranson)

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