Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Competition - No.5 - TV Comic...

Here is another in our occasional series of other Comics/Mags you could buy during the same era as Look-in.  This time it's TV Comic, a weekly comic published by Polystyle. This is issue No.994, dated 2nd January 1971 whoch was actually a week before Look-in went live but I could not find 995.  TV Comic was approaching it's 1000th issue when Look-in started so it had already been around a bit - since 1951 in fact.  This issue had amongst other things, Catweazle, a whole year before it eventually appeared in Look-in, also The Avengers, still getting great repeat viewing figures and the evergreen Dr. Who, in the guise of Jon Pertwee's doctor.  I thought TV Comic was a pretty good read although I found the one page for adventure strips dissapointing, as it wasn't enough to get your teeth into and left you dissatisfied.  As TV Comic went on, it started to become more and more of a vehicle for comedy and cartoons, as I suppose Look-in did towards the end but during the 70's it was a pretty good comic.

TV Comic - 2nd January 1971 - No.994

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  1. HI! TV Comic , in the 60`s, published a Supercar comic strip that was never reprinted. Same thing with a great XL-5 strip .It would be nice from time to time if you could post them ( if you have or can find them ).Thanks ! jfmcd1