Sunday, 22 July 2018

1972 Holiday Special and 1981 No.4 (full issues)...

Finally we reach the end of 1972 with the Holiday Special and to go with that, from 1981 is No.4...

1972 Holiday Special (Full Issue)

Cover: Geoffrey Bayldon, Stephen Lewis, Bob Grant, Carol Hawkins, Leslie Crowther, Peter Cleall and Ed Stewart by Angus McBride (?).

Strips: On the Buses (Harry North), Catweazle (Unknown), Crowther in Trouble (Tom Kerr)Please Sir! (Graham Allen).

17th January 1981 - No.4 (Full Issue)

Cover: Adan Ant by Arthur Ranson.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe)Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Martin Asbury)Worzel Gummidge (Mike Noble), Meet the Smurfs! (Peyo)Charlie's Angels (Jim Baikie)Sapphire & Steel (Arthur Ransonand Mork & Mindy (Bill Titcombe).

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