Sunday, 22 May 2016

1979 No.41 and 1983 No.43...

Better late than never, some more issues, we zoom ahead in 1979 with No.41 and also we have No.43 from 1983, both from my collection and complete...

6th October 1979 - No.41

Cover: Darts by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe), Sapphire & Steel (Arthur Ranson),
Enid Blyton's Famous Five (Mike Noble), Meet the Smurfs (Peyo),
Bionic Action (Barrie Mitchell)Starcruiser (David Jeffris),
Dick Turpin (Martin Asbury) and Mind Your Language (Bill Titcombe).

22nd October 1983 - No.43

Cover: Terrahawks and Kajagoogoo.

Strips: Rock on Tommy! with Cannon and Ball (Bill Titcombe), The Fall Guy (Jim Baikie),
When They Were Young - Chas Hodges (Mike Noble), Knight Rider (Barrie Mitchell)Danger Mouse (Arthur Ranson) and Bucks Fizz (Raymond).

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