Monday, 15 June 2015

The Supersonic book of Superstars pt.1...

I managed to win a copy of the Look-in 'Supersonic book of Superstars' on eBay, I've wanted to get it for ages.

It came today, so after having a good flick though it, I decided that it would be good to give it to you.  I'm gonna do it Look-in stylee over 4 weeks.  So get the next part a week today...

There's a printable copy for anyone with a printer that does both sides of the paper, (or it is possible to print one side, then turn the page over), and there's also a readable one for CDisplay, both in the same file...

The Look-in Supersonic book of Superstars - Pt.1

Pictures: ABBA, Arrows, Wings (Paul McCartney) and The Wombles.

Info: ABBA, Arrows, Adrian Baker, Barry White, Wings, The Wombles
and Roy Wood.

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