Sunday, 12 September 2021

1976 No.52 and 1987 TV Favourites (full issues), also 1986 Annual (Strips only)...

A mixed bag here for you today, starting with 1986 No.52, recently purchased, also just recieved the other day, we have a 1987 Sugar Puffs free gift, a sort of taster mag called TV Favourites, this one is No.5 (of 6), and finally there is the strip only 1986 (cover date 1987) Annual, Look out for the rest of it next Sunday...enjoy...

18th december 1976 - No.52 (full issue)

Cover: Lee Majors by Arnaldo Putzu.

Strips: The Benny Hill Page (Bill Titcombe)The Six Million Dollar Man (Martin Asbury), It's Flintlock (Bill Titcombe), Space: 1999 (Mike Noble), The Bionic Woman (John M. Burns), and Doctor on the Go (Harry North).

Look-in TV Favourites - No.5, 1987 (full issue)

Cover: Airwolf.

Strips: No strips.

1986 Annual (Strips only)

Cover: Jason Connery, A-ha, Hayley Price, Tommy Boyd, Claudia Gambold, Madonna, Five Star, Martin Bell, Boris Becker, Michael J. Fox and Shakin' Stevens.

Strips: When They Were Young : Bobby Ball (Unknown), The Fall Guy (Jim Baikie) and When They Were Young : Shakin' Stevens (Unknown).

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